all along the edges
boiling seaweed on rocks
broken fence tangled wire
cash trash sass hash
come with me now
don't touch they sting
feathers and pounding feet
fly on the wall
forced under the glass
fully aware of invisibility
get back to work
harsh lights high heels
haunting shadows of comfort
hearing the sound of silence
her eyes her lies
her force implied happiness
I don't want to

no no no no
no socks cold floor
still hungry when's dinner
stop don't go here
strong unwritten silent communication
this is my demise
this is really weird
this is the end
through there it sleeps
times up now run


four word stories

up up you go
very very very bad
warning hot stuff burns
what are the chances
where is this going
which way I'm lost
winters leaving better weather
without warning flight begins





I found it first
I hate I love
I think it's awkward
I think she's okay
I want more time
I win I win
if it keeps working
I’ll take it slow
instantaneous explosion of color
it can fix it
it touched down ahead
last time we tried
later I'll feel better
long drive tired legs
long trip no point
money is the root
motionless expression of life