For the first part of project three I utilized the image synth mainly to manipulate the various sets of samples that I used. My basic strategy for creating images and altering the sound was to base most of my decisions on what the analyze spectrum tool displayed. I usually switched whatever the image was to a different layer and created a new image over it. After doing this I deleted the initial image that the analyze spectrum tool created and used other tools such as add harmonics, motion blur, blend, contrast and luminance as well as fading in and out to create variations in pitch and amplitude. In terms of using the brushes I tried to either visually mimic the gestures of the samples I was using or to cut the sound into smaller fragments. In terms of my use of color I tried to pin point areas of the sounds that I would like to place in particular locations in the stereo spectrum but I also left it up to chance or applied different filters for various panning effects.

My approach to the composition component of project three was that I wanted to use sounds that seemed to be very similar in gesture, quality and timbre. Instead of using a large number of different types of sounds, I wanted to try and alter these seemingly related ones and blend them in different ways. Taking into consideration comments on my last project, I also wanted to explore sounds that are very quiet, possibly indiscernible or requiring the listener’s attention. I also didn’t apply any reverb to the recordings I made for this piece, which include sounds of sticks, rocks and water, in order to keep them intentionally dry sounding and to work with certain details that reverb seemed to take away. Also I think with the sounds that I am using I want the listening environment to create the space for what is being played.

Note: The mix is pretty low on the mp3 but on the aif file it’s fine. I’m not sure why that is. Overall this recording should be played at a decent volume in order to hear it well, which was intended.




The form of the included piece is A-B-A.

Once again I was trying to create a soundscape of a Halloween night in the spirit of the holiday as it approaches this weekend. I really wanted to use different instruments in the IS to manipulate the three original sounds files in the most interesting ways possible. I used the drum synth on all three presets of the first sound to add a percussive element. The second sound uses different organs to manipulate the presets in order to add to the creepiness. The final sound (wind) uses the fmambient instrument to create some really interesting variations.






I wanted to compose a through-composed piece that highlights the bassy files that were created and have it morph into a clean, clearer sounding environment. From there it will "deteriorate" through the similar sounding but dissonant files that were also created.

The piece highlights the files themselves rather and the rhythms and textures they already have vs. heavily re-affecting them with many "plug-ins".