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TO: Faculty, Deans and Department Heads
FROM: Sherry Buckberrough, Harry Jack Gray Distinguished Teaching Humanist
RE: Call for nominations for Outstanding Teachers Award for 1999 Date: March 5, 1998

This letter serves as the official call for nominations for the 1999-2000 Outstanding Teachers Award. Any full-time faculty member, regardless of rank or tenure status, may be nominated. Nominations may be made by deans, department heads, faculty colleagues, or students, or faculty may prepare self-nominations. Nominators must submit a 1-2 page letter of nomination and the supporting materials needed to document the teaching accomplishment claims. Since the award focuses on recent teaching accomplishments, nominations from 1998 are not automatically reactivated; however, I have all materials submitted last year. Check with me if you have any questions about supporting materials.

This award for teaching excellence, created by a group of faculty and funded by the NEH/Harry Jack Gray Teaching Enhancement Grant, was presented for the second time last year. Last year's winners were . Winners for 1997 were Jeanne Bonaca, HCW; Don Buckley, A&S; Howard Goldick, A&S; Laura Pence, A&S; Robert Radin, Ward.

The award, to be given to up to five (5) full-time faculty each year, is called the Outstanding Teachers Award. Recipients are presented with the award at the annual August meeting of faculty and staff in Lincoln Theater and each receives a $500 faculty development line to be used during the academic year for professional purposes such as travel to professional meetings, to purchase instructional materials, and so forth. Other details about the award are provided on the attached description. The intent of the award is to recognize faculty for outstanding teaching accomplishments achieved within the period of 1-2 years prior to their nomination for the award. The award criteria are provided on the attached document. The Outstanding Teachers Award is intended to supplement, not replace, current rewards for excellence in teaching. For example, the Roy E. Larsen Award for Teaching Excellence remains unchanged and differs from the new award in several ways: (1) the Larsen Award is given to one faculty member each year to recognize consistent excellence as a teacher, whereas the Outstanding Teachers Award can be given to up to five faculty each year for recent and specific outstanding teaching accomplishments; (2) the Larsen Award winner must be a tenured faculty member, whereas the Outstanding Teachers Award winner does not have to be; and (3) the Larsen winner receives a cash award, presented at the University graduation ceremony, whereas the Outstanding Teachers Award winners will be announced at the August faculty and staff meeting and will receive a line of faculty development money.

Nominations are due on Friday, May 7, 1998 in the Faculty Senate Office.

Please direct your questions to Sherry Buckberrough at x4741 or by email at