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University of Hartford

Bernard DenOuden
Distinguished Teaching Humanist, 1994-95

During my two years as the Harry Jack Gray Distinguished Teaching Humanist, I sponsored a wide variety of activities, among which were the following:

I held three workshops per semester which were attended by faculty from the colleges of Arts & Sciences, Nursing, Education, and Health Professions, The Barney School, Hillyer, and Engineering. Some of the topics for the workshops were:

  1. Case Study method of Teaching and Learning.
  2. Improving the quality of class discussions.
  3. Comparative Models for Writing Intensive Courses.
  4. Examining Values and Moral Perspectives in the Classroom: Is There Any Value Free Inquiry?
  5. I jointly sponsored workshops on "Developing Teaching Portfolios."
  6. I jointly sponsored a forum on team teaching with the AUC program.

I also visited a wide variety of colleagues' classes and provided them with both oral and written evaluations. In addition, a number of University faculty sat in on my classes and after the classes we carried on related analyses concerning effective teaching strategies. I also helped junior faculty find additional "peer mentors," that is, colleagues who could sit in on their classes and provide them with constructive feedback. I have continued many of these collegial support activities after my tenure as a Distinguished Teaching Humanist and have found the entire process to be a rich and rewarding experience.