Stuffed Mushrooms

Submitted by: Carol Murzyn, Mail Services


  1. - Large mushrooms
  2. - Mild or hot pork or chicken sausage meat
  3. - Seasoned breadcrumbs
  4. - Garlic to taste
  5. - Grated parmesan cheese
  6. - 1 small onion


1. With a wet paper towel wipe the mushrooms.
2. Remove the stems from the mushrooms and chop finely.
3. Brown sausage in extra virgin olive oil.
4. Remove sausage from frying pan.
5. In same pan, brown onion, garlic and the chopped stems.
6. Turn off heat, and mix sausage, cheese and breadcrumbs in the same frying pan.
7. Stuff mushroom caps with mixture.
8. In a shallow pan, bake at 375 degrees for approximately 35 minutes or until brown.