Chicken Marsala

Submitted by: Philip Brunquell, Graduate Neuroscience Program


1. Take a boneless, skinned chicken breast, pound it thin, and cut it into 2 peaces.
2. Dust the pieces with flour, and then dip them in a beaten egg.
3. Cover them with bread crumbs.
4. Sauté those on both sides in a pan until cooked through.
5. Pour in a cup of DRY wine (not sweet!) Marsala wine.
6. I use G&D brand. Bring to a boil.
7. Ignite (watch out-the flames can get high).
8. When the alcohol has burned off, lower the heat and put some prosciutto over the chicken breasts.
9. Top that with some high quality mozzarella melts.
10. Transfer the chicken to plates, and pour some of the leftover sauce from the pan over both the chicken and some cooked brown rice.