Administrators' Workshop on Technology, Manchester Public Schools

Workshop Activities

1. Research Project: Exemplary Technology-Supported Schooling Case Studies

Take a look at the following sites. Are there any ideas, techniques, etc. that can be useful to Manchester Schools? Please note any positive or negative Reactions to Share with the Group.

Exemplary Technology Supported Schools - Project Overview

Exemplary Technology Supported Schools - School Reports and Videos

2. Assessments of Teachers

2a. Take a look at these On-Line Self-Assessments for Teachers. Can this type of assessment be useful? What important factors are missing?

Conroe Schools Self Assessment Survey

Self-Evaluation of Technology Proficiencies-Mississippi DOE

2b. Take a look at these additional Self-Assessments. Are they more or less useful?

Technology Skills/Interests/Needs Assessment - Monroe County

Teacher Use of - Self Evaluation Rubrics - Bellingham Public Schools (PDF)

Teacher Technology Survey - Sun Associates

3. Administrators' Guides for Teachers Assessment

Take a look at these resources? Are they helpful?

Exemplary Plans Scoring Guide - Intel

Technology Awareness Rubrics - Utah Project

4. Example of a System-Wide Assessment Package

a. Take a look at this site: Engauge Framework for Effective Technology Use

b. Then take a look here: Sample Survey Questions for Various Key "Players"

Choose a role from the pull down list and check out the sample survey questions. Is this kind of resource worth paying for?

5. Exemplary Uses of Technology

Peruse these sites. Can they serve as resources for developing Teacher Assessment strategies?

5a. Harvard's ENT (Education with New Technologies) Project

ENT Main Page

ENT Specific Programs

5b. Intel's Innovation in Education Project

Main Page

6. New Tools for Learning

Check these out:

6a. Intel: Visual Ranking

Visual Ranking Main Page

Reference List of Dates of Statehood

6b. Intel: Seeing Reason

Seeing Reason Main Page

Dr. Marilyn Schaffer,, 860-242-0676