Welcome to my World    








“Welcome to my World”

My name is Maria (Bina) Marques, I was born in a small town located in a valley in a remote part of a small country named Portugal. The town, Serra de Santo Antonio, was first noticed by tourists the year I was born. In that year, a group of youth came across an unusually large hole in the ground.  They pocked around and noticed the deepness of it. They ran home to tell their parents. From that day, that “hole” has attracted people from all over the world. The caves display amazing shapes of rock, unlike anything that I have seen in any other country.

Throughout my younger life, vacations were about family: the children we were bringing up, and the parents that returned to Portugal in their retirement years. Our trips were geared toward one or the other. We returned to Portugal many times, and for the youngsters we visited beaches and an occasional cruise to the Caribbean.

Within the last seven years, I have had the opportunity to pilgrimage ten days through the islands of Greece; and ten days through France and Italy. Last year, I visited Barcelona, Spain for a three day weekend. The history in each of these countries is beyond words. Experiences that I didn’t even think possible in my lifetime, were a reality.

It is in my plans to create a scrap book of these memories as I have over 500 pictures all together. This webpage is my reminder, and my template. Don’t forget to open your hearts to the World… I wish you all great travels!


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