My Profile


 Ayana Mizuguchi

 Currently, Hartford, CT.... but who knows where I am gonna end up in a few months!?

Birth Place

 A small town on an island off of main islands of Japan... it is BEAUTIFUL!

 For another 2 weeks, I am a student.(until May 15th).... then I will be a full time freedomnist, another words,,, JOBLESS!
Hobbies and intersts

 Shopping, Drinking, playing music, listening to music, watching movies, watching japanese comedies, reading,,,well, i cannot list them all.
Favorite music

 GREEN DAY! I love them with all my heart. Other than that, I basically listen to anything... I do like punk rock a lot though. I also listen to Jazz, Classics, R&B,,, ANYTHING.
Favorite Movies

 Hmmm.. I like Buffalo'66, Girl interrupted, Amelie, I am Sam, Napolion Dynamite.... I don't know. there are so many.
Favorite drinks

 Sex on the beach and Bay Breeze! I am also a big fan of beer.... I basically like anything other than brown colored liquers... such as brandy and whiskey.