Ivana M. Milanovic

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture


Ivana M. Milanovic received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of NYU, and M.S. and B.S. from University of Belgrade, Serbia. She had worked as a HVAC engineer, a faculty member at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, as a graduate fellow and adjunct instructor at Polytechnic Institute, and as a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, NY. Currently, she is an associate professor at the University of Hartford, with ongoing research programs in vortex dynamics and photonics.

Her research has been published in such international journals as Aerospace Sciences and Technology, The Aeronautical Journal, Journal of Measurement and Science Technology, and journals of the AIAA. Dr. Milanovic is also member of the ASME, AIAA and ASEE. As an ASME member, Dr. Milanovic is active on Fluid Mechanics Technical Committee co-organizing symposia, forums, and poster sessions. She was an intern of the ASME Minority Leadership program and has served on the ASME board of Board on Engineering Education.

She was a finalist for the 2006 Women of Innovation award in the Academic Innovation and Leadership category, sponsored by the Connecticut Technology Council. Her honors include Outstanding Teacher Award of the University of Hartford, NASA-OAI Faculty Fellowships, Polytechnic Institute of NYU Graduate Fellowship, and Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award.

Dr. Milanovic was the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department in the Ward College of Technology from 2002-2005. Since 2006, she has served as the Chair in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture. She has organized and supervised two successful program re-accreditations under the ABET old and the new guidelines.  Dr. Milanovicís service also includes two consecutive terms in the Faculty Senate with an appointment to the Senate Executive Committee and Co-director of the Connecticut Space Grant College Consortium.


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