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Welcome to Professor Daigle's Homepage! I hope that you find the information and materials here useful. My primary goal for the website is to facilitate interactions between us. I welcome your suggestions for future enhancements.

New! UPDATED HTML Tips and References web page for Final Project - "F02WebAuthoringTips" (.htm).
   Added section describing the process for copying (publishing) your files to the web server.

New! Added Study Guide for Final Exam - "F02FinalExamSG" (.htm).

New! Added HTML Sample Page - "SimpleSample" (.htm).

New! Added HTML Sample Page - "SimpleSamplev2" (.htm).

New! Added HTML Sample Page - "IntermediateSample" (.htm).

New! HTML Sample Page - "IntermediateSamplev2" (.htm).

This sample adds a nested table to enable the column widths in the header and the main content area to be independant of each other.
New! Added Instructions for Final Project - "F02FinalProject" (.htm).

New! Added HTML Reference (Windows) Help File - "htmlib95" (.hlp).
Note: Save this file to your local PC or a diskette. If you do not get a dialog prompting you to save the file, when you click on the link, click on the link using the Right-Mouse-Button then choose the "Save Target As..." option.

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