One myth that surrounds the Rottweiler is their aggression, leading to fear and misunderstanding. dog pic 5.jpgRottweilers are not naturally aggressive, but protective and can easily be trained to be guard dogs. The aggression is a learneddog pic 10.jpg trait to attack, bite or bark when unwelcome individuals enter the property. Rottweilers will instinctively protect their families and do not need encouragement to defend them.


A second myth is that Rottweilers are only outside dogs. This is false. Rottweilers need social contact and human dog pic 6.jpgcompanionship. If the dog is left outside, it will make its own rules due to lack of supervision and become territorial. In addition, due to its fur type this breed does not fare well in extremely hot or cold weather.



A third rumor that concerns adults is that Rottweilers are vicious towards small children. This breed is actually great dog pic 8.jpgdog pic 7.jpgwith children of all ages, and herding instinct will prevent children from wandering off. Children are often not taught how to play with the dog, which may lead to the child hurting the dog and the dog biting the child. If a child steps on a small dog, the dog’s bite is less powerful. However if the child steps on a larger dog, the bite is more powerful. This is the same reaction, just a more severe result