Chris Cofoni - CEO
Eric Arena - Engineer
Mark Bechhofer - Booking
Jonathan Chamberlain - Sales
Jesse DeRosa - Web, Head of Graphic Design / Merchandising
Arielle Estroff - Radio
Mark Goodell - Engineer / Paperwork advisor
Rob Griffith - Producer
Stacy Kadesch - HR, Public Relations
Adam Kasson - Marketing (co-head)
Allison Perry - Public Relations / co-head press-release writing team
Kim Pienkowski - Office Assistant / General advisor to all committees
Alexi Poulianos - Artist Manager
Audrey Root - Public Relations / co-head press-release writing team
Michael Schamp - Legal / Litigation
Cory Sims - Sales (Mktg) liason to vendors
Ashley Starkins - Business Manager
John Waters - Marketing: Street Team Head/Flyering

Art Review Board - Rob Griffith, Alexi Poulianos, Audrey Root, Corey Sims
Marketing Review Board - Eric Arena, John Chamberlain, Allison Perry, Michael Schamp, John Waters
Finance Advisors - Mark Becchofer, Arielle Estroff
Booking Liasons - Rob Griffith, Mark Goodell, Adam Kasson
Press Kit Critique - Stacy Kadesch, Kim Pienkowski, Ashley Starkins