CS 110 - Introduction to Computers - Tuesday evenings

(Fall 2003)

Meeting Times:

Tuesday  7:00 to 9:30pm 

Meeting Location:

Hillyer 319


Partab R. Makhijani

Email address:


Office hours: By appointment

Required Texts and materials:

1) Computer Concepts (Sixth edition)

    June Jamrich Parsons & Dan Oja

2) Microsoft Windows xp

    June Jamrich Parsons,  Dan Oja, Joan & Patrick Carey, Lisa Ruffolo

3)  Microsoft Office xp

    H. Albert Napier, Phillip J. Judd, Bruce McLaren, Ben Rand, Linda Sourek and Susan Lehner

3) You will also need  3 or 4 diskettes(3 1/2") to do assignments and class work

Electronic Mail: 

Electronic mail will be the expected means of communication with fellow students and the professor

Attendance, Class preparation and Practice Quizzes:

You are expected to attend and participate in all class sessions. Please come prepared with the reading material assigned. Your attendance, class work and performance in the practice quizzes will contribute towards the participation grade. You are also responsible for all assignments distributed within the class sessions whether you are in attendance or not.


During the semester, there will be 3 assignments, two quizzes and two examinations. Exams are cumulative and confirm your ability to integrate the skills and concepts learned in the classroom, hands-on activities and assignments. Examinations may consist of short answer, fill-ins, as well as hands-on computer exercises.

You are expected to submit all assignments by the beginning of class on the due date. All work turned in must be clearly labeled with your name and the specific exercise name/number.

You must take all quizzes and examinations on the scheduled date and at the scheduled time. There will be no make up exams.  


Violation of University policy on academic policy will result in an F for the assignment, and depending on the nature of the offense, further disciplinary action will be taken as deemed by the Administration. This includes but is not limited to writing on or otherwise damaging the computer equipment. Please note that food and drink are not permitted in the lab under any circumstances.


You are expected to come to class prepared for class activities, which includes having the proper texts and supplies.


3 assignments Each 11%


Quiz 1 12%
Quiz 2 12%

Exam 1




Participation 10%




A  93-100

A-  90-92

B+  87-89

B  83-86

B-  80-82

C+  77-79

C  73-76

C-  70-72

D+  67-69

D  63-66

D-  60-62

F  0-59