Dr. William Major
Fall 2002
Course Schedule
ENB 110: Sections 24493 and 23651
Office: Hillyer 128A
Office Hours: MW, 12:30-1:30; TR, 11:15-12:15; and by appointment
Telephone:  768-4935
Home Page: http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/major/
E-mail: major@harford.edu
Texts: Robins, The Analytical Writer
 Diana Hacker, Rules for Writers, 4th edition
 Selected readings from handouts and on reserve

AW=The Analytical Writer
RW=Rules for Writers
Note: This schedule may change as the semester progresses.

Week One (Sept. 4-6)
 Professor out of town. Please complete assignments for next week. See memo.
Week Two (Sept. 9-13)
Discuss Essay Readings
 Introduction to Course and Each other
AW, ch. 1: “How Do You Write An Essay?”
AW, ch. 4: “How Does the Body Take Shape?”
Week Three (Sept. 16-20)
Draft of paper #1 due
Essay Readings TBA
AW, pp. 45-54: “Thesis Statement”
RW chs. 19, 20: Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences
RW ch. 32, 33: Commas and Unnecessary Commas
Week Four (Sept. 23-27)
 Discuss Essay Readings
Paper #1 due
AW, ch. 3: “How Can You Organize Your Thoughts?”
RW ch. 8: Coordination and Subordination
RW ch. 34: Semicolon
Week Five (Sept. 30-Oct. 4)
Readings TBA
Draft of Paper #2 due
AW, ch. 5: “How Should You Begin and End the Essay?”
RW chs. 16, 17, 18: Wordy Sentences, Appropriate Language, Exact Words
Week Six (Oct. 7-11)
 Discuss Essay Readings
Paper #2 due
AW, ch. 6: “How Much Should You Revise?”
RW ch. 15: Variety
 RW ch. 4: Sections on Focus (pp. 36-38) and Coherence (pp. 50-56)
Week Seven (Oct. 14-18)
Draft of paper #3 due
Essay Readings TBA
RW ch. 4: Thesis (revisited—pp. 19-20, 24-26, 50-51)
RW chs. 21, 22: Agreement
Week Eight (Oct. 21-25)
Paper #3 due
 Discuss Essay  Readings
RW ch. 23: Pronoun Reference
RW ch. 14: Emphasis
Week Nine (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)
Draft of paper #4 due
 Essay Readings TBA
RW ch. 10: Parallel Ideas
Week Ten (Nov. 4-8)
  Paper #4 due
Discuss Essay Readings
AW, ch. 10: “How Do You Write a Research Paper?”
RW ch. 11: Mixed Constructions
Week Eleven (Nov. 11-15)
Draft of paper #5 due
 Essay Readings TBA
RW ch. 12: Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
Week Twelve (Nov. 18-22)
Paper #5 due
 Discuss Essay Readings
Week Thirteen (Nov. 25, 26)
 Essay Readings TBA
 Thanksgiving Break
Week Fourteen (Dec. 2-6)
 Draft of paper #6 due
Week Fifteen (Dec. 9-13)
 Paper #6 due