Dr. William Major
Requirements for Argumentation/Persuasion Paper

1. You must use at least three (3) outside sources. These sources must be reputable and trustworthy. Joe Smith’s Internet website is not necessarily a trustworthy source. I would like for two of the three sources to come from places other than the Internet. Be alert for signs of bias in your research.

2. You must have a “refutation of opposing arguments” section. This section can be limited to one paragraph, or you can focus your entire paper around opposing arguments. Focus your argument on one or two important opposing arguments; don’t try to cover everything.

3. You should employ the three main types or classical argumentation: logos (reason), ethos (ethics), and pathos (emotion).

4. You should rely on several different types of evidence to support your claims:
    a. appeal to facts, statistics, and authorities;
    b. appeal to personal experience;
    c. appeal to personal observation.

5. Avoid logical fallacies (pp. 358-360 in your handbook).

6. You must have a Works Cited page. This page refers to those materials you cite in your paper.

7. You must turn in photocopies of all material that you cite in your paper.

8. Your paper should be a minimum of four (4) typed pages.

9. Finally, this paper must be a product of your work alone. If you use material from outside sources without proper citation,   you will fail the course. If you turn in a paper that you did not write, you will fail the course.