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23 Introduction to course

28 Emerson (Prose): Nature
30 Nature (continued); “The American Scholar”

4 “The Poet”; (Poetry): “Each and All”; “The Snow Storm”; “Days”
6 Hawthorne: The Blithedale Romance

11 The Blithedale Romance (continued)
13 The Blithedale Romance (continued)

18 The Blithedale Romance (continued); “The Artist of the Beautiful” (on electronic reserve)
20 Whitman: “1855 Preface”

25 “Song of Myself” (1855); “The Sleepers”
27 Selections from “Children of Adam” and “Calamus”

4 “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking”; Selections from “Drum-Taps”
6 Thoreau: Walden

11  Walden (continued)
13 Midterm Exam

18 Spring
20 Recess

25 Walden (continued)
27 Walden (if necessary); “Resistance to Civil Government”

1 “Life Without Principle” (on electronic reserve)
3 Selections from Fuller, Woman in the Nineteenth Century

8 Douglass, Narrative
10 Narrative (continued)

15 Poe: “Ligeia”; “The Oval Portrait”
17 “Usher”; “Berenice” (on electronic reserve)

22 Melville: “Bartleby the Scrivener”
24 Billy Budd

29 Davis:  “Life in the Iron Mills”

1 Open (Bryant, Longfellow, et al.)
6 Open