Paragraph Unity and Coherence

 A. paragraph unity: (each sentence develops the main idea)
  1. thesis statement
  2. topic sentences
  3. support for topic sentences
   a. each sentence must support main idea

B. paragraph coherence: (relationship among ideas is clear and the progression from one sentence to the next is logical and easy to follow)
  1. Use 3 patterns of coherence/order of ideas
  2. Move from general to specific or specific to general
  3. Use question and answer pattern (use rhetorical questions)
  4. Use transitional devices:
       a. pronouns
       b. repetition of key words or phrases
       c. transitional words—for sentences and paragraphs (use list)
       d. parallel structures (repetition of a sentence pattern or of other grammatical structures

C. developing paragraphs
  1. use specific details; note importance of language
  2. use specific examples and illustrations to develop your point
  3. use various strategies within paragraph or paper:
       a. narration
       b. description
       c. compare/contrast
       d. explain a process
       e. show cause and effect
       f.  classify
       g. define

D. questions for revision
  1. do all ideas in paragraph belong?
  2. are any ideas left out?
  3. is the paragraph coherent? do sentences focus on the topic? do they link with other sentences? is the sentence order logical?
  4. are sentences connected with each other with transitions?
  5. are paragraphs connected with each other?
  6. are paragraphs adequately developed? use of details and examples?