Dr. William Major
Paper #3
Narration with Analysis

Choose One

1. Being unusually tall or short, thin or fat, red-haired, freckled, pretty, or thoroughly average can seem to be the most important fact of your existence. Write an essay explaining how one trait came to have exaggerated importance for some period of your life. Be sure to examine the reasons for its importance at the time.

2. Sometimes we need to make distinctions between how we see ourselves and how other people see us. Write an essay in which you examine a moment in your life when you felt someone misunderstood, stereotyped, or otherwise falsified something about your identity.

3. Write an essay that defines your self-image. Are you primarily an intellectual? an explorer? a competitor? an outsider? an organizer? Write concretely about the abstractions, giving examples from your experience and analyzing their formative influences.

Due dates:

First draft: October 15
Final draft: October 22

--Typed, double-spaced, stapled
--3-4 pages