Dr. William Major
English 224
Paper #2: Exemplification/Illustration

Choose One

1. How are today's dating rituals different from those described by Susan Allen Toth in "Boyfriends?" You will need to provide explicit examples based on your own or your friends’ experiences. Ask yourself not only what has changed since the 1950s, but also what has remained the same. Remember to give several explicit examples to support your ideas. Refer specifically to Toth's essay also.

2. Examine and characterize your relationship with someone who is important to you (significant other, family, very close friend). You will need to begin this paper by outlining the general theme of the relationship, then move on to specific examples that support your characterization. Please avoid cliches such as, “My best friend is always there for me,” or “He knows me better than I know myself.” This is a deceptively difficult topic because you will be asked to think not only about the why this other person is important, but also about why you respond to this person.

Remember, in an exemplification/illustration essay you explain a general statement using detailed examples. Your goal is to make abstract assertions and concepts clear and concrete. Use details and examples from your observations, personal experiences, or research; if you rely on the latter, please be sure to cite your source materials. Use enough examples to support your thesis and your topic sentences.


 First draft due: October 1
 Final draft due: October 8

 3-4 typed paged
 Double spaced
 Please staple