Dr. William Major
Paper #1

1. Our possessions can possess us, and they frequently do—sometimes delightfully, sometimes harmfully. Nearly everyone has felt that the essence of life was summed up for the moment by having a dog, a record, a pair of skis, or earrings or special jeans. Describe and define your past or present obsession with a special personal belonging that affects your life.

2. Describe a treasured object for your family: a car, a piece of jewelry, a Bible, a rug, for instance. What ideals or meanings does this object hold for your family? Why has your family invested so much meaning in the object?

Please take another look at the handout on description available on my web site. Remember, your description should be subjective rather than objective; leave your reader with one dominant impression.


· Rough draft due: September 17
· Final draft due: September 25
· Three to four typed pages, double spaced and stapled