Dr. William Major
Paper #5
Comparison/contrast Essay

Choose one

1. Compare or contrast your sense of self now (in your second year of college) with what it was when you were younger, say, a junior or senior in high school. How are you different? The same? Make sure that you focus your essay on a few key points; don’t try to cover all differences or similarities. Remember to strive for originality and depth rather than breadth.

2. Think about a time when you realized that you no longer shared your parents’ or grandparents’ attitudes or philosophy about a particular subject. For this essay, introduce your topic—religion, music, sexuality, money, etc.—and begin by discussing how you once believed in what your parents believed. Then focus on how your view of the topic evolved and what this change means for you.

3-4 pages, typed and double spaced

Due dates:
Rough draft: November 12
Final draft: November 19