Dr. William Major
Paper #4
Cause/Effect Analysis

The topic for this unit is “group pictures,” in which we explore our identification with certain groups: class, race, religion, ethnicity, and so on. (You read the essays by Henry Louis Gates and Shelby Steele that dealt with this topic.) I would like you to think about a particular group to which you belong and examine what effect that group has had on your sense of identity. In your discussion you may wish to examine the group’s symbols, myths, and rituals, and what they mean to you. How has this group affected you?

Conversely, you might want to make this paper into a causal analysis, in which you explore the reasons behind your identification with a particular group. Here you may wish to express your need to belong to a group and identify what it is about you that you felt you needed to be a part of something larger than yourself.


Length: 3-4 typed pages

Due dates: First draft--October 29
                    Final draft—November 5