How to set up your own World Wide Web page on the VAX

Note: This is a simplified form of Dave Kelley's original document.

The VAX has a "World Wide Web" server system. This makes it possible to create your own WWW home page in your account. This document describes how set it up, how to access it with a browser (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer), and lists restrictions for its use.

Up front notices:

This document does not cover how to write a WWW document (called an "HTML" file) but suggests places to find out how to do so. This document describes how to make your HTML documents available on the World Wide Web. 


Setting up your account for the first time

Log in to the VAX.
Type SETUPWWW <return>. This makes a subdirectory called WWW in your account in which to place your HTML documents. It also makes your account accessible to the Web server.

Adding pages to your account

Publish your HTML documents to the WWW subdirectory.

Advertising your pages

Step by step...

Setting up your account for the first time

In order to keep things separate from your homework files, etc., and to make it easier to protect files you don't want to share, while making files you do want to share accessible, you create and open a subdirectory in your account named WWW. A VAX command is available to do this for you automatically. Log onto the VAX using Telnet, and type:
Executing a $ DIRECTORY command will reveal the presence of a new file in your account called WWW.DIR;1

Adding pages to your website

Place or create your HTML documents in the WWW subdirectory:
Note that you can run several copies of Composer at once.

Advertising your pages

Step 1

First, test your pages to make sure they are accessible and working.

Your home page must be named index.htm as this is what the VAX WWW server looks for automatically when someone attempts to connect to your directory.

Your home page's name is:
where 'username' is your VAX Username.
You can test access to your homepage by using Netscape or Explorer.

Step 2

Advertise! Your link will automatically appear on the VAX's main index pages within one day after you have successfully created your page(s). Click here for information on how to customize the link to draw attention to your page. 
Dave Kelley / Frank Maddix