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John W. Lutz

CS 110/Mr. Pomposelli

December 12, 2002


Computers and My Life


            While pondering what to write about for this paper, I encountered much difficulty.  I could not think of a topic whatsoever.  Then, it suddenly dawned on me.  I realized that I should write about how computers have affected my life.  After all, it is a topic I know a lot about.  Computers have had a huge impact on everyone’s lives; mine in particular.

I can remember my first interaction with a computer.  It was way back in 1992, when I accompanied my father to work at the World Trade Center.  At the time, my father was a foreign currency broker and worked with computers.  I had seen computers in the past, but I had never “played” with one.  I was able to see him interact with one, and I was amazed.  Of course, at this point in time, computers couldn’t do nearly as much as they can today.  However, as an eight-year-old second grader, I was mesmerized.

            My second encounter with a computer was in the fifth grade.  I was in a very basic computer class.  It only met once a week and we learned how to type (Which obviously was not successful because I still “hunt and peck”).  At this point, computers were not really popular amongst students.  In fact, only one of my fellow classmates owned a computer.

            Computers only became more popular as the years progressed.  I finally owned a personal computer at the end of my sixth grade year.  I was absolutely thrilled.  All of my friends were getting computers, and I finally had one.  I remember going crazy with Print Shop Deluxe; I thought it was the best thing in the world.  I was designing posters and banners left and right.  I basically used my computer for Print Shop and games, such as “Oregon Trail.”

            In the seventh grade, I was finally introduced to the wonder that is America Online (commonly known as AOL).  Once I had AOL on my computer, I was totally addicted.  I would go online for hours on end.  In fact, I would sneak out of my room at night and go online.  At this time I was beginning to learn more and more about computers.  They were starting to have a greater impact on my life.  Computers were all over the place.

            Computers were becoming faster and less expensive.  Technology was advancing as well.   You could buy the fastest computer on the market, and a few months later there would be an even better and faster model.  Everywhere you would look, there was a computer.  The Internet was changing life as we knew it.  Computers were affecting everything.  For example, the movie industry was able to do visual effects that were previously impossible.  The source of information was attainable much more quickly.

Age (in years)


1 to 7

zero to very little


first real interaction


basic computer class for 5th graders

12 to 14

got my own PC, learned some things about the internet, AOL

15 to 18

high school courses in comouter, still learning


CS 110 Introduction to Computers, continuing to learn Office


    As time went by, I learned more about computers and the Internet.  I explored programs such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PageMaker (among others).  In high school, I took a few informative computer courses.  CS 110, although an introductory level course, taught me more about Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and Front Page.  Computers have come a long way, and much of my knowledge may be attributed to my experiences with computers.