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Hello Rockers…

This just in....

"Rockin' Roger" Auclair, Kenn "Bass K" Johnson and Lee "Doc Rock" Peters, formerly of "Back in Time," have joined with Jonathan Edwards and T Fleisher, formerly of "The Threads” to form


The New Band! plays an eclectic mix of classic rock, blues and pop from the 60's through the 90's.

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The Players:

Roger Auclair, keyboards and vocals

Jonathan Edwards, percussionist extraordinaire

T Fleisher, guitars and vocals

Kenn Johnson, bass

Lee Peters, guitars, harmonicas and vocals









For all of you who love those classic rockin' sounds and have had little or nothing to do on the weekends…those who have been asking me…”when will the new band play out?”…those who have been pining away for the fun that can only be had at the bar or a party…with a great band…we're baaaack!!!!

Now I know that some people might say…”Oh Doc…that is too much excitement for a Friday or Saturday night…I want to stay home and dust my sun porch…or take my bottles and cans back for redemption…”…but those people are not looking at this website!

The people reading this website find their redemption in great food and drink and ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC…the way THE NEW BAND! gets it done!

Remember… studies show, you will love THE NEW BAND!

For more information or to book a gig, contact Doc Rock [or Lee Peters] at 860-335-0935