General meetings are regularly held every other Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the School of Communication. Watch the announcement board in the Comm School lobby for meeting dates and other announcements. Members and candidates for induction are expected to attend all meetings.

COMM Cocktails 2004
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Faculty Advisor Dr. Lynne Kelly with Chapter President Shawn Murphy member Nicholas Caito with Comm School Director Roger Desmond

ΛΠΗ and CHS are dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence in the field of communication. As such, we coordinate and sponsor several events every year aimed at increasing student, faculty, and professional interest and cooperation.

Our annual Communication Week brings many communication-themed events to campus, including guest speakers, seminars, and social events. The week culminates in a pizza night at Lena's Pizzeria in Hartford sponsored by ΛΠΗ and the School of Communication.

Throughout the year, we hold social gatherings aimed at bringing students together with their professors as well as alumni and other professionals in the field. Such events have included Communication Cocktails and our No Wine and Cheese Party.

Induction is held annually near the end of the Spring semester. About two dozen students were inducted into the honor societies during our 2004 ceremony. Induction is a popular event attended by parents, faculty, and students alike. Graduating seniors are also presented with honor cords during the ceremony.

In order to support our activities, and to fulfil our Student Government Association requirements, we hold numerous fundraisers throughout the year. These activities engage many of our members, and often include raffles and bake sales.

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