Course Policies:

Attendance Policy:

Since class discussion is an integral part of the course, please come to class every day, having done the thinking, reading and writing assigned for the day and ready to share and discuss the assigned work.  If you cannot come to class for some reason, call the office (768-4743) and leave a message for me.  You can communicate with me through email ( as well.  I will read and answer my email every day after 9 P.M.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed in your absence and come prepared to class the day after your absence.  Since papers largely evolve out of class discussions, your written work is likely to suffer from such absences.  You will also miss out on the background necessary for the next assignment and class.  If you miss more than three classes, you may get sufficiently behind in your work that I may consider withdrawing you from the course.

Policy on late assignments and papers:

All work must be completed on time.  Late assignments and papers will be marked down in grade.  If an assignment is late by several days, it may get a grade of F.  You will be asked to write several short assignments on a regular basis throughout the course.  These are designed to develop your thinking on the subject and to shape class discussions.  Therefore, they need to be done on time.  These must be typed as well, and handed in during the class period.  If you miss more than three of pieces of writing, the instructor has the right to withdraw you from the class.

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