A Short Description of the Course:

This course further develops those critical reading, thinking and writing skills that were introduced in RLC 110.  It also prepares you in several easy steps for the writing of the research paper.  By the end of this course, you are likely to see the writing of the research paper as the pleasurable experience of creating something new, as a process which includes observing, talking, writing, reading, collaborating, and criticizing.

The umbrella topic for this course is “The world of the adolescent.”  While this topic is the one you will research and learn about, the course is meant to teach you about research and about writing argument essays that use that research.  At first, you will begin this course by sharing experiences and ideas that you have already formulated and brought with you.  You will then read selective creative and critical articles that represent diverse perspectives on this topic.  You will try to understand the ways in which your own experiences and views connect to others’ experiences and perspectives as revealed to you through class discussions, readings, and other class-room activities (Paper 1).  For the research paper, you will have narrowed your focus to one particular aspect/strand of our topic.  You will conduct library research in collaborative groups, and produce at least two drafts of the research paper (Research Paper 1 & 2).  You will be responsible for a brief and informal classroom  presentation to the whole class, and write a final paper in which you discuss and analyze the effects of some of your class mates’ perspectives on your own researched positions (Paper 2).

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