Preparing for A Safe School

On April 20,1998 in Littleton Colorado two armed students killed several other innocent students and a teacher.
This incident at Columbine High School has shocked America and raised the questions why would someone due such act.
What can we do as nation to protect students and to make school safe.

Here's a Map to show you what actually happened at Columbine High School.


Legislators and Citizens
-Reward and respect jobs such as teaching and parenting in society.
-Increase fundraisers so that the school can hire more counselors.
-Reduce the pressure on students while taking test, having someone to talk to.


- Take time to talk with and listen to your colleagues and exchange emotional support.
-Organize opportunities so that students are able to participate in discussions about respecting each other.
- Teach students to discourage such hostile behaviors.

-Educate teachers on what actually goes on in the school environment.
-Expand friendships include people of different genders, race, and interests.
-When there's a problem on a student mind be able to express feelings to teachers, family, and peers.


Through this web page I hope you were able to see what society faces when issues like this occur. We as a  nation need to
come together so  incidents like Columbine can be prevented. Parents can contribute when seeing their kid having some difficulty talk to them so they can express their feelings. Teachers have communication with students so that if faced with a emotional problem they relate with teacher. If students are going through any problems talked to someone instead of holding inside.When holding emotions inside starts effect one's mental state.


Columbine yearbook includes memorial, pictures of killers