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These quintets are scored for two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba.

Parts scores are supplied.

Vezzosi Augelli Giaches de Wert 16th Century Madrigal 136k
The Widow's Myte A. Holborne 16th Century Dance 222k
The Fruit Of Love A. Holborne 16th Century Dance 219k
The Fairy Round A. Holborne 16th Century Dance 286k
Hodie Christus Natus Est J. Sweelinck 16th Century Motet 272k
Lehre Uns Bedenken J. Schein 16th Century Motet 330k
I Love, Alas, I Love Thee T. Morley English Madrigal (1595) 330k
Madrigal C. Monteverdi 16th Century Madrigal 230k
Never Weather-Beaten Saile T. Campion 17th Century Madrigal 203k
Psallite Unigenito M. Praetorius Xmas Hymn Setting - Works Well As A Fanfare 152k
Five Dances M. Praetorius Five Dances From "Terpsichore" (1612) 735k
Two Canzoni P. Peuerl Two Canzoni From "Weltspiegel" (1613) 506k
See, See The Shepherds' Queen T. Tomkins English Madrigal (1622) 264k
Largo G. F. Handel From The Opera "Xerxes" (1738) 192k
Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre G. F. Handel From The Oratorio "Joshua" (1748) 399k
Suite W. Boyce Four Movement Suite For Brass Quintet 466k
War March Of The Priests F. Mendelssohn March From "Athalia" (1845) 367k
Fanfare J. Lemmens Fanfare - Originally For Organ (1862) 437k
Door Latch Quickstep G. Goodwin Civil War Period March 493k
Amor Marsch J. Strauss Civil War Period March 327k
Barnum & Bailey's Favorite K. L. King Famous Circus March 507k
El Gato Montes M. PenÚlla Spanish March 469k
Gallito S. Lope Spanish March 497k
Ronde M. Ravel Third Movement Of The "Trois Chansons" (Originally For Chorus) 360k
Tuba Tune C. S. Lang Short Jig - Originally For Organ (1929) 238k
Simple Gifts Traditional / A. Copland Popular Shaker Melody - Works Well As A Horn Demo. 240k
Basse Dance P. Warlock 1st Movement From The "Capriol Suite" 180k
Pieds-En-L'air P. Warlock 5th Movement From The "Capriol Suite" 184k
My Own Country P. Warlock 20th Century Chorale 189k
Three Fanfares E. Korngold Three Heroic Fanfares 210k
Andean I. Calvo Recent Composition - With A Peruvian Flavor 584k
Processional Music Various Four Popular Processionals (Arranged So They May Be Played Back To Back) 416k
Do You Hear What I Hear? Regney / Shayne The Famous Popular Xmas Song - With Hints of "Bolero" 460k
Little Drummer Boy Traditional Medley Of "Little Drummer Boy" & "Pat-A-Pan" 294k
We Wish You 1 Traditional Conventional Arrangement Of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" 292k
We Wish You 2 Traditional Lighter Arrangement Of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" 251k

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