University of Hartford

Hillyer College  - Spring 2003

Academic Strategies 111


Instructor: B.V. LaRosa           Office:  H 137 C     Phone:  (860)768-4688

E-mail:      Web Site:

Office Hours:  Monday/Wednesday:  2:30-3:30;  Tues/Thurs:  11:30-3:30;

                          Friday:  10:00-2:00  and by Appt



Course Description:  ASB 111 is the second half of a year long course designed to help students succeed in college work.  Students will continue to apply the strategies

and skills acquired in ASB 110.  Instructors know that exposure to a wide variety of

reading assignments and classroom experiences will build students' academic strengths.  Specific course objectives include:

                  1.  To learn more about yourself as a learner.

                  2.  To increase ability to summarize from text and lectures.

                  3.  To increase critical thinking skills, particularly analysis,synthesis,

                       and the ability to apply what is learned.

                  4.  To further understanding of research skills in light of advancing


                  5.  To improve skills for organizing and writing papers.


Required Text and Materials:


                            3rd edition; Rosenberg/Wolfe

                  Notebook, Appointment Calendar

                  Independent Reading Book

Attendance:   Regular attendance is essential for success in this course.  Absence from class does not excuse you from the responsibility for the material covered during that class.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed before the next class.  It is also in your best interests to obtain notes from a missed class from a classmate before the next class, otherwise you will not understand the material being discussed when you return to class.  Most class sessions will involve material that builds on information presented during the preceding class.  Absences from class will be limited to 3.  Do not use these absences needlessly; you will miss important material and you may not have an allowable absence left if you really need one.


Grades:  Grades will be determined by successful completion of all assigned work.

                Projects will be 50% of the grade; exams, written assignments, and class

                participation will comprise 50%.

Plagiarism:  This is a serious breach of the University Academic Code which can result in a student failing the assignment, failing the course, and in extreme cases,

being expelled from the University.  The SOURCE is an excellent handbook to con-

sult for clarification of the academic rules and regulations.


Special Learning Needs:  Students who may require accommodations are encouraged to contact Mrs.Golden in Learning Plus.  After disclosing, students

are urged to discuss their needs with individual instructors.  This should be done

at the beginning of each semester.  Assistance will be given to students who have completed this process.



Tentative Calendar:


     Week of:

           January 22-Jan 30:Introduction to Course,Text

                              Critical Reading, Thinking

                              Levels of Comprehension

                              Assign:  Intro Essay


          Feb3-Feb 13:  Library and Technology Tools

                                  Independent Reading Book

                  No class Feb 11-13


          Feb17 -27:Summarizing, Paraphrasing

                            Topics and Article selection



            March 3-Mar 13:  Midterm Exam


                                -Reading Journal due March 14


            March 24-April 3:

                            Article Summaries

                            Topic Discussion



             April 8-April 19: Independent Research

                           Putting the essay together

                           Individual appointments


             April 21-22:  Rough drafts due


             April 28-May 2  Final Essay

                             (RDB classes end May 2)