Hillyer College

University of Hartford

Fall Semester 2003

Academic Strategies (ASB 110)

Instructor:B.V. LaRosaOffice:H 137C

Phone:(860)768-4688e-mail: larosa@hartford.edu

Web site:http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/larosa

Office hours:Monday/Wednesday 1:30-3:30

Tues:H140 2:30-4:30

Thursday: 2:30-3:30

Friday:11:30-2:00 and By Appointment

Course Description: This course provides students with an opportunity to

examine their study strategies in light of current theory about how college students learn.The specific course objectives are

1.To learn more about yourself as a learner.

2.To clarify academic goals as related to career goals.

3.To learn and employ a systematic approach to reading textbooks.

4.To learn techniques for taking more complete lecture notes.

5.To manage study time to maximize learning.

6.To develop procedures for marking and annotating texts.

7.To increase ability to summarize from text and lectures.

8.To learn several methods for preparing for exams.

9.To increase test-taking skills.

10.To increase the ability to apply what is learned.

Text and Required Materials:

Academic Strategies2nd Edition edited by L.C. Rosenberg

The Source

Independent Reading Book

Notebook, Appointment Calendar, university e-mail account


Attendance:Regular attendance is expected.Students are permitted 3 absences from class.Excessive absences will result in withdrawal from class. If you must miss class for any 

reason, please call, email,or see me for assignments.

Grades:Grades will be determined in the following manner:

1/3 - projects

1/3 -exams

1/3 –quizzes and assignments

Due dates will be strictly adhered to.No assignments will

be accepted after the due date.You must plan your schedules and your

work accordingly to insure that it is completed on time.

Course Accommodations:If any student has special learning needs, please

let me know.

Plagiarism:Plagiarism will not be tolerated; you must give credit when you use another’s words, thoughts or ideas.This applies to information found on the Internet as well.If you are unsure of how to properly cite borrowed material, see your professor.This is treated very seriously; you will receive an F for your work and may be subject to dismissal from the university.

Tentative Academic Calendar

Week 1 Sept 8-12

Course Introduction

Orientation to College

University ResourcesAssign:Chap 1 TEXT, SOURCE

Week 2 Sept 15-19

TimeManagementAssign:Chap 2 TEXT

Week 3-4 Sept 22-Oct 3

NotetakingStrategiesIndependent Rdg Book

for Reading Text and Class

Listening SkillsAssign:Chap 4 TEXT

Week 5-6 Oct 6-17

Learning Styles

MidtermAssign:Chap 3 TEXT

Week 7-8 Oct 20-Oct 31


Finding (and using) Information

Technology Project 

Week 10-11 Nov 3-Nov 11

Memory SkillsAssign:Chap 8Text


Week 12-13 Nov 12-25

Library Skills


Information Skills Tutorial

Week 14 Dec 1-4 

Exam preparationAssign:Chap 5 Text