Smoking Sucks!




Smoking dates back to 5000 BC (history, pg. 1). It has been a ritual in many civilizations all the way up to modern day. This practice is known to be the cause of many different health issues and diseases. Smoking can be a vice to people who have problems interacting with others. There are many different types of cigarettes now a day and some are even believed to be healthier than others. Most people believe that smoking is one of the worst things you could do to your body because of all the problems that come with it. Others dont see anything wrong with smoking because they have been doing it for so long and it hasn’t affected them yet.


    There is such thing as second hand smoking as well. Basically, this is when someone that is smoking is so close to you that you inhale the smoke yourself, and it gets into your lungs, causing you to feel ill. It doesn’t take a lot of smoke to get into your lungs and start to blacken them. It is a tragedy that people who smoke are not courteous enough to make sure other people cant breathe in the smoke around them. It is not fair that the world is being polluted by this dangerous poison. People who choose not to smoke should be able to wander around freely without the worry of cigarette smoke seeping into their lungs.




          Everybody knows what smoking can do to their body. We’ve all seen pictures and read articles about how smoking is bad for you, and the problems it will give you in the future. So why arent most people listening? People are not making facts up about smoking just to scare you. There is a simple solution to helping the smoking problem in the United States, and that is…..QUIT! It sounds like a “no-brainer”, right? Apparently for the estimated 48.2 million people in the U.S, this is a huge task(brown, lisa. Living a smokers life). In their eyes, they are just doing something they are comfortable with and nothing is wrong with it. Well, the people who dont smoke disagree. It is causing many issues in the world and it would be a huge help to the environment and the health of others around them to stop.




One of the many myths about smoking is that it makes you look cooler. Teenagers and young adults, even some little children are starting to smoke cigarettes to make them look cooler”. So what is about smoking makes kids more popular? When a child is shown what smoking is for the first time, they should be given facts about what it can do to your body, health and life. Most kids look at smoking as something that will make them seem more mature or adult. This, however, is a myth. Adults have a huge effect of young children and if they see an adult that they look up to smoking, they are going to think it is what you’re supposed to do when you grow up. If they see many people smoking throughout the years they grow up, they are more likely to pick up a cigarette themselves and try to be like the adults they aspire to be.




Some may have heard that there are healthy cigarettes”. Companies do make cigarettes that have different components that arent as harmful as tobacco; however, this does not mean that they arent dangerous to your health. One company has actually made candy cigarettes to make children feel like they are holding a cigarette when in reality it is just a tasty treat. This may lead to children wanting to hold a real cigarette and maybe even try one.




Smokers tend to group together when they hang out because their non-smoking friends make them feel bad about their addiction. They will isolate themselves from others to hide the fact that they are smoking so no one can try to change their minds.

          The cost of buying cigarettes in today’s society, can add up to billions of dollars. A white house statement says “supporting the bill, which awaits action in the Senate, echoed the argument by contending that tobacco use "accounts for over a $100 billion annually in financial costs to the economy”(Werner, Erica. How much does smoking cost pg 1). People actually put themselves in debt just by buying packs of cigarettes daily, weekly or monthly.

          There are many things people can and should do to stop people from smoking as much as they do or at all. It is a filthy habit that people can acquire at any age. There is no need to pick up a cigarette and smoke your life away if you don’t have to. It can be a health hazard to you and the people around you.


          When people decide to stop smoking, they can go about it in many different ways. Some of the ways people can stop smoking are; using a patch that is supposed to release a very small dose of nicotine into your system by putting it on your arm until your body doesn’t crave it anymore. Another way to try to stop smoking can be hypnosis. They make you believe that you don’t need to smoke anymore and it will never be a part of your life again. You can always try chewing a special type of gum that will take away your cravings. There is a belief that if your mouth is occupied with chewing gum or eating food, that your cravings will subside. It has been known that people can affectively quit smoking cold turkey. This means that there is no outside help from anyone to quit. You have to have a lot of will power and a really good reason to quit in the beginning in order to successfully quit smoking for good(national library of med pg 2).


          Everyone is different and have their own way or reason to quit smoking. Some people may want to get pregnant or are pregnant and must quit smoking in order to have a healthy baby. Some people are addicted for so long that they have to stop for health reasons. When people smoke for a long time, it can affect your appearance. It makes you look physically ill. If a teenager becomes addicted to cigarettes, it can ruin opportunities in school and outside of school. Authority figures can look at the fact that they smoke and they might worry that the student will have to take smoking breaks and not be able to participate as much as the other students. It has been shown that some adults can be denied a job position because they smoke. Employers may not be happy about that worker having to leave an important meeting or gathering to smoke. It can ruin lives in more way than one.         




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