EE435 System Simulation

Spring 1995



Catelog Information:

EE435 System Simulation (3) Digital techniques for dynamic simulation of continouos and discrete systems; stability and accuracy problems; introduction to energy based modeling of physical systems using block diagrams, bond graphs, and signal flow graphs. Software used includes VisSim, Matlab, and Camas. Prerequisites: EE334.



System Dynamics: A unified Approach, Karnopp, Margolis, and Rosenberg, 1990 (Wiley)



To develop proficiency in modeling and simulating complex continuous, discrete, and distributed systems. To become familiar with probability concepts and their application to discrete system design and analysis. To develop model validation expertise.


Prerequisites by Topic:

1. Calculus through differential equaitons


Topics: (2 - 75 minute classes per week)

1. Simulation concepts and modeling (4 classes)

2. Continuous system modeling and simulation with focus on electro-mechanical (6 classes)

3. Continuous systems, system dynamics applications, inventory control, environmental systems (6 classes)

4. Probability concepts leading to cumulative distribution functions and random number generation (6 classes)

5. Multidisciplinary (energy domain) simulation and modeling using bond graphs (9 classes)

6. Discrete system simulation ( 6 classes)


Computer Usage:

25% of the homework will require use of a PC computer. Three projects assigned during the semester will be computer based.


Estimated ABET Category Content:

Engineering Science: 1.5 credits (50%)

Engineering Design: 1.5 credits (50%)

Prepared by: Ric Kolk, 11/17/94