CMM 447: Linking Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

Most  of us think of our work lives as quite separate from our personal lives.  For those who work a typical Monday through Friday schedule, when Friday rolls around, we shout TGIF!  But how separate are these two worlds?  At work, people have formal relationships with others (e.g., supervisor-employee, co-worker) but they also develop informal relationships such as friendships or romantic relationships.  Our relationships at work and other issues we face on the job influence our personal lives and our communication with those outside of work.  Most people, for instance, have to figure out how to balance the demands of work and family life.  Recently, there have been cases of employees being fired because they or their spouses posted nude pictures on their web sites!
 In this course we'll look at ways in which these two supposedly distinct aspects of life, personal and work, are intimately connected.  Topics include superior-subordinate relationships and communication; informal relationships in the workplace, especially friendships and romantic relationships; areas of organizational policy such as sexual harassment and parental/maternity leave policies; dual career families and their decision-making processes; work-family conflict; child care and division of household labor.
 Class will be conducted through discussion, activity, and a minimum of lecture.   You are expected to complete all assigned readings and contribute to class discussion.


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