CMM 526  Fall 2000   Instructions for Analysis Paper #1

General Information
You need to select some significant interpersonal encounter or relationship you are in or have been involved in and use course concepts to write an analysis of that experience/relationship.  The paper should be about 5-7 typed pages (double spaced).

Choosing a Situation
Choose one of the following options:
1.  A significant interpersonal encounter.  By this I mean some important interaction you engaged in with another person.  You wouldnít want to analyze a casual conversation with a stranger on a bus, unless, of course, that conversation was significant in some way.  You might, on the other hand, analyze a discussion you had with your sibling if it was an important discussion.  You might also choose a recurring argument/discussion you have with someone (family member, friend, co-worker etc.).  Just be sure to select an interaction of some substance and significance so you have enough to analyze.
2.  An interpersonal relationship.  Rather than focusing on a particular interaction, you can choose to do an analysis of a relationship that you are currently involved in or experienced in the past.  You might analyze its development or dissolution or how it was maintained.

The Analysis
Your goal in writing the analysis is to try to understand the interaction or relationship better by using ideas from the course to explore the experience.  Try to dig beneath the surface to get at the howís and whyís of the situation.  You also need to look at the situation from both peopleís perspective; this isnít about assigning blame to yourself or the other person.  You need to attempt to write an analysis that is as objective as possible; the best way to do this is to use the course concepts to help you ìseeî the experience in new ways.

The Paper
1.  Be sure to provide sufficient background about the situation so the reader has a context for understanding it.  You do not have to reveal the other personís real identity.  You must, however, write about a situation that you have experienced directly, not as a third-party observer.
2.  When you introduce course concepts into your analysis, provide a definition/explanation of them and cite the specific sources using APA style.

The paper is due on Wednesday, October 18.

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