Peter W. Kalika  P.E.

Associate Dean, College of Engineering

University of Hartford

My background includes over 40 years of engineering experience; I spent 29 years in industry as an analyst, designer and engineering manager in aerospace, heavy industry and environmental consulting. I joined the University of Hartford in 1983 and have served several hundred engineering students as teacher, mentor and administrator. I was an automatic controls specialist at Hamilton Standard Division of UTC during the 50s and 60s. At Combustion Engineering (Now ABB) I was a Senior Project Engineer for new product development and specialized in air pollution control and solid waste management. I joined the Travelers Research Corporation as a Senior Research Engineer and became a Pollution Control consultant when that organization became TRC Environmental Consultants. I held various positions  during 14 years with TRC, including Manager of Professional Resources and Engineering Manager, and conducted several pioneering pollution control studies for industry and government. I completed a major career change in 1983 when  I left TRC to join the University of Hartford as Associate Dean of Engineering.

Associate Dean of Engineering

As Associate Dean of the College of Engineering,  I provide administrative support to students, faculty and staff for many of the College's key activities, including scholarships, publications, accreditation, curriculum development, alumni liaison, new student recruitment, facilities development and maintenance and coordination with University administrators.

Approach and Philosophy

My approach to my role as second-in-command for the College of Engineering is to be accessible - at all times - to students, faculty and staff. We are a small engineering school, and Dean  Alan Hadad and I practice an open door policy. A student with a problem is the most important event at any time, be it an academic problem, a question of financial aid,  a letter of reference for an employment opportunity, funding for a student event, or coordination with another college on or off-campus.

Invitation to Prospective Students

I invite any and all prospective students, either transfer or just about to graduate from high school to contact me directly. I will be glad to meet with you, or to arrange interviews with faculty for you and your parents. For transfer students, I will work with you and appropriate faculty to assess your background for greatest possible transfer credits. While I am not directly responsible for financial assistance determinations, I work closely with our FA staff to assure that you are getting the best possible package. Please contact me by phone at 860-768-4527  or 800-678-4844, or via E-Mail at

Intererests and Hobbies

Some of my interests may coincide with yours! I have provided a few links which you may enjoy pursuing. I am a life-long fan of major league baseball and (Oh the pain) a Red Sox fan. I enjoy reading about the history of technology, particularly aviation, and about astronomy and cosmology. I have been a moderate "Trekkie" for years, and I prefer "The Next Generation" to the original series.

A Message to Alumni

If you are an alumnus or alumna of the College of Engineering who has come across this home page during a browsing session, I hope that you will make contact with us. Please send an E-mail to me or to Dean Alan Hadad. We sure can use your help in a number of areas, including student recruitment, career development, Coop, and scholarship fundraising. Our Engineering Alumni Advisory Board (EAAB) is an active group which would love to add you to its membership. Don't be hesitant. Get involved!!

What's New?

The College publishes a Newsletter at least once per semester. The latest issue is available for your perusal elsewhere in the College homepage. At this writing in mid-November 1997, we are pleased to have completed a successful vist from ABET, our accreditation agency, and are busily assimilating our new students, whose number is significantly larger than last year, and who are a pretty bright group as evidenced by their average SAT score of 1170.

Links to Other College of Engineering Faculty and Staff

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