Welcome to Jay Stewart's First DIRECTOR Projects

During my recent sabbatical I learned a little about DIRECTOR, which is a multimedia authoring package. I managed to complete two projects: a simple quiz and a more elaborate tutorial on the "Levels of Measurement" concept for students of social research methods or statistics. After I explain a little about each project below, I will describe how you might be able to view them over the web or download an executable version of them from this page.

The SIMPLE QUIZ was my first project. It is only six questions long, but I wanted to learn how to program several features. The most important feature was instant feedback about a chosen answer. Another feature was immediate updates on the quiz score. I also wanted the quiz taker to have the freedom to browse through the quiz and take the questions in any order--even starting one question and then coming back to it later. One also has two chances at finding the correct answer, but only gets half as many points if the second attempt is correct. I threw in some color coding of responses, audio feedback (provided by my 13 year old daughter) and played with a few cartoon figures just for the fun. (I have an improved version with buttons at the top that jump to each question and indicate which ones you have done and whether they were right or not, but I have not loaded it to the web.)

The LEVELS OF MEASUREMENT tutorial is a much bigger effort. It has more interactivity in it--where students actually measure things--and some humor to lighten this dull topic. A less elaborate quiz is given at the end. I'm in the process of testing whether the interactivity (& humor) of the tutorial help students learn the material better than a simple textual version of the same information. There are still a few bugs in it (some Mac fonts don't line up well) that depend upon the particular computer & browser combinations. I will try to improve it in the future (...sooner, if I get good feedback). The cleanest version for WINDOWS is the executable "Projector," but you need a fast internet connection.

If you have a WINDOWS computer and a fast internet connection, both of these projects run best as executable "Projectors" that can be downloaded. Click on the project below and save it to your desktop, then double-click it to execute the project without any Internet delays and troubles.
Simple Quiz is 2.2 megs.
Levels of Measurement is 4.2 megs.
(Sorry, there are no projector versions for the Mac.)

To view these projects in your Mac or PC browser (Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) you must have the SHOCKWAVE plug-in (version 8) for your browser. You can down-load SHOCKWAVE from Macromedia. When it is downloaded AND installed, then you should be able to directly click on the projects below to run them.
SIMPLE QUIZ --You may have to scroll down to the bottom of the first page to get to the navigation buttons.
LEVELS OF MEASUREMENT uses a larger screen, so set your browser to full screen and/or hide your toolbars.
After you finish, use the "Back" button to return here, and, if you wish, please e-mail me your comments.

Thanks,   Jay