Class Project
for CS110, Fall 1998
Each of you should do a class project, and present it to the class.  This project can be on any topic of interest to you, but will combine all the software products you have learned in this course.
This paper is worth 20%
of your grade in this course.
The idea is that:
     you pick  a  topic of interest to you.
     You write it up  in a 2 page word doc.
     You enhance this with:
          a Cover with Graphic
          a powerpoint presentation  or graphic
          an excel spreadsheet or chart
     Decide how to integrate these  parts, and
     Publish the  integrated result on your web site!

The following bullets may give you a framework:

The project will be graded as follows:
cover with graphic & links as required 10
2 pages of text  10
excel/chart 10
powerpoint presentation 10
internet source(s) 5

Embedding the Chart from Excel.
Create Chart, click on chart, click copy on the toolbar,  open your word document, move the insertion point to where you would like the chart, put in two blank spaces, click paste from the Word toolbar.