CS 110 Intro to Computers
Assignments and Due Dates
How Are We Doing?
(This is your notice of assignments I have received)
E-Mail Assignment (#1) Collect 3 URL's (#2) Publish a Home Page (#3)
Submit Topic (#4) PowerPoint Assignment (#5) Price is Right (#6)
Excel Assignment (#7) Schedule for Assignments / class topics Round #2 Assignments
Extra Credit About due dates Paperless Paper
 current as of 11/22/1998.  Last addition was final due dates.

A Note about due dates!
As we approach the end of the semester, I must tell you that I stop grading regular homework on Saturday, December 12th.  And, your final papers will take longer to grade, so they must be published to the web by the previous Sunday, December 6th.  I  can not promise to consider any materials submitted after these dates as part of your grade for this class.  If you submit items earlier there will be feedback, and an opportunity to improve your results.

You may notice that early in the semester I do not emphasized due dates for assignments.  This is because the assignments are accummulative.  In other words they need to be done pretty much in order, otherwise you get progressively further behind.  This result will be reflected in your assignment completion grade, the quality of your class project, and your understanding of the tools we are using.  Ultimately, it is up to you how well you do in this class.  The due dates I have indicated are a guideline for you to remain on track.

Assignment #5: Powerpoint
Create a brief powerpoint presentation.  Pick some simple process like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Sow us how it is done, a step at a time.   You can anticipate about 6 or 8 more assignments using these tools, and moving toward your class project.

Assignment #7: Excel
Create a brief Excel Spreadsheet.  Pick some simple process like calculating your grade average.  Then save it and attach it to email, sent to me. This is the last of the first round of assignments.

Assignment #1
E-Mail Assignment,
Everything starts here!
Step 1- GET A VAX ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY, go to Computer Center 114 (first floor under the registrar and bursars offices) and sign up for a VAX account.  Do not loose your user id that they assign to you!!!!
It will take approximately 2 hours from the time you sign up for your account to become active.
If you attempt to use this account before our next class, you will be prompted for a new password - don't forget what you entered, it will have to be at least 6 characters !!!!
You will not be able to complete the e-mail assignments and the home page assignment without a UNIVERSITY vax account!!

Step 2- (We will begin this assignment during classtime)  use your university account to send a message to my personal account  joakes@home.com

Assignment #6: Play the Computer Price is right game #1.
Going out of Business Sale - See the hints.  New game posted soon.
Do Chapter four & Five Long & Long Study Guide.

Assignment #4: Mail me a word document in which you describe your semester project.  It should have a topic (of interest to you), use word, excel, and powerpoint, and be published on your web here at UHar.
[See the Class Project / Paperless Paper.]

Future Assignments
We are now ready to redo each of these assignments with more content and features.  In the next round there will be 2 points for each assignment.

Email    For this assignment I will be looking for neat, well formed e-mail.  This means spelling is correct, word wrap is observed (no false end of line entries), return address is correct, ideas are expressed in whole sentences and paragraphs - in general neat complete communication that is consistent in format.  I will try to send each of you an example.

Home Page Complete your home page with links clear, easy to see and understand ideas (well sold), and references to your paperless paper included.

Interesting URL's Include url's for interesting information you have found on the internet, on your home page.  These ideas should expand on your presentation of your selves (they do not need to be personal; rather, your choice of  them reflects on you to whomever looks at your home page).

Price is Right / Excel  Please play the new price is right game and put the answers in a spreadsheet that computes the cost per megabyte of storage for each device type (you figure out whether the formula is device cost / capacity, media cost / capacity, or some combination of the two).  Mail the speadsheet to me, as an attachment.  This assignment is worth 4 points.

PowerPoint Take your 'how to' idea up to a complete presentation.  This means a title, agenda, each activity or step, and  closing slides.

Topic Take the content of your paperless paer and send it to me in a word doc with consistent formatting, a table of contents, and spell / grammar checked.

Paperless Paper is due (near end of semester).
In this assignment the student will begin by e-mailing the instructor their paper topic. The instructor will respond via e-mail with approval and/or comments.  The student will then complete the paper requirements, then publish the paper as a web page and link it to their home page.  Once this is complete the student will e-mail the instructor that the assignment is complete,  along with the paper's web page address.  The instructor will grade the paper and return that grade via e-mail.
(More details on paper requirements to follow.)
As I did in the openning class, I will announce both immediate and advance assignments during class.  I will call the advance assignments stretch objectives.  If the class starts meeting these stretch objectives we will accelerate our attention on topics of your interest.

Extra Credit is available.  I plan to make the final exam optional.  Anyone with a grade below A may take the final, and substitute their grade on the final for the lowest test grade they have previously received.  Similarly, while everyone is expected to present their project to the class, it is simply a strong contributor to your class participation grade.  I will add as much as a half grade for doing this presentation well.  I do not mean extravagant; rather, simply simple, to a point, and showing good integration of the tools into presentation of your topic to the class.

Table of Assignments
Literacy Assignment
Tool Assignment
Wednesday, September 8 Review Computer Concepts Ch 1 Get Vax Account & Send me email
Wednesday, September 15 Review Computer Concepts Ch 2 Surf the web & collect 3 url's
Wednesday, September 22 Review Computer Concepts Ch 3 Publish Initial Home Page
Wednesday, September 29 Review Computer Concepts Ch 4 Propose a  topic in a word doc
Wednesday, October 6 Exam, Computer Concepts Ch 5 & PowerPoint Submit a simple powerpoint
Wednesday, October 13 Computer Concepts Ch 6 Do price is right game #1
Wednesday, October 20 Computer Concepts Ch 7 Submit a simple excel
Wednesday, October 27 Exam & Adv. Word Demo Send a well formed email
Wednesday, November 3 Computer Concepts Ch 8  Integrate your home page
Wednesday, November 10 Computer Concepts Ch 9 Do PIR #2
Wednesday, November 17 Lab Time & Student Project Presentations Do PIR #2
Wednesday, November 24* Student Project Presentations No Class
Wednesday, December 1 Exam Submit your well formed ppt
Wednesday, December 8 Review for Final Exam Review for Final Exam
Wednesday, December 15 Final Exam Best of the Season!
 * - We will not meet Wednesday, November 24 due to  Thanksgiving break.  This will let the Monday class catch up,  as they missed the first two Dana lectures; i.e., we will  meet on Monday,  November 21.
I advise students to look at it once a week!