Requirements for the Major
Thirty-Six credits including:
Introduction to Women's Studies (WSH 110)
Historical Context: Women in America (WSH 222)
Social Context: Sociology of Gender (WSH 311) or Women in Society (WSH 282)
Feminist Theory (WSH 320) or Women, Knowledge and Values (WSH 383)
Senior Internship (WSH 451)

The following general education courses or their equivalent:
ENGH 101-102 English Composition
CMH 101 or 110 Communication
Three credits of Mathematics (MTH 100 Precalculus) or higher
Six credits (two semesters) in Multicultural Studies
Twelve credits in Humanities and Arts
Nine credits in Social Sciences
Seven to Eight credits in Natural Sciences

Requirements for the Minor
Eighteen credits including:
WS/WSH 110 Introduction to Women's Studies or AUCS 150 Sex, Selfhood and Society
WS/WSH 222 Women in America

Students may petition the Steering committee to accept as part of
their major or minor courses with appropriate content not here
designated. None of the courses required for the major and no more
than one applied to the minor may be taken Pass/No Pass.