Jobs for Women's Studies Grads


What can you do with a women's studies major?

A 1995 study of graduates from 43 programs in the U.S. (Barbara F. Luebke, Mary Ellen Reilly, Women's Studies Graduates: The First Generation) identified several occupational clusters as good choices for women's studies students:

Social work and Psychology based careers

Human rights work and Health care

Education and Libraries

Law and Government

Many majors go on to graduate school in a variety of fields or to law school.


What are HCW women's studies graduates doing?

One is walking dogs while dabbling with a variety of careers and graduate programs. She has recently designed a web site for women with HIV.

One is working as assistant director of the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame.

One earned an M.A. in public administration and is now a town manager.

One is a parole officer for the Connecticut penal system.

Many work at a variety of positions in state and corporate offices.

One works in Information Technology Services at the University of Hartford.

One is a student affairs professional at a local prep school.

One is in a Ph.D. program in labor relations at the University of Massachusetts. She currently has an internship with the National Labor Relations Board in Hartford.

One works for the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women.

Two are in the Master's of Liberal Studies Program at Wesleyan.