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The program in Women's Studies acknowledges an understanding of the contributions of women to culture, the roles of women in society and the philosophical, psychological and biological assumptions about women that have defined their history. The program allows the student to examine the position of women from an interdisciplinary perspective, stressing the interrelated circumstances that have determined their status in the arts, in the workforce, before the law, in the family and in other social, political and economic realms. By proposing alternative points of view, Women's Studies encourages an expansion of information and dialogue of ideas within traditional disciplines. Its purpose is to foster methods in those disciplines that will uncover, analyze and eliminate bias toward either sex.

Students considering a major or minor in Women's Studies should plan their course work in consultation with a member of the Women's Studies Steering Committee.

Please note that the Women's Studies major is administered at Hartford College for Women; matriculation at HCW is open to women only. Men interested in women's studies may consider a minor or a contract major at the College of Arts and Sciences.


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