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BANNNER Graphical User Interface (GUI) Installation Requests

As the University of Hartford prepares to migrate to version 4.0 of the BANNER Administrative Information System (tenatively scheduled for the fall of '99), it is necessary for our user community to migrate to a client/server version of BANNER. The client/server version is referred to as GUI or graphical user interface. BANNER in the GUI environment will support the use of a mouse for items such as pull-down menus, buttons, scroll bars, checkboxes and radio groups.

When BANNER 4.0 is implemented, it will mark the end of character mode access to BANNER. Character mode access is defined as accessing BANNER via a PC or Mac using terminal emulation or via a VT terminal. To assist in the migration to BANNER GUI, ITS is asking all individuals who currently meet the Minimum PC Configuration and Application Usage Requirements to fill out and submit the BANNER GUI Installation Request Form.

Minimum PC Configuration

Application Usage Requirements

GUI installations will only be provided to those individuals whose BANNER needs can not be met via the BANNER Web for Student, Faculty and/or Finance applications. ITS reserves the right to decline any request that does not meet usage or configuration requirements.

Submitting Your Request

Provided that you meet the requirements of the above two sections, fill out and submit the following form. Upon receiving your information, an ITS staff member will contact you to make arrangements to install BANNER GUI on your desktop.

BANNER GUI Installation Request Form

Full Name: (e.g. John Smith)
Department Name: (e.g. Information Technology Services)
PC Type: (e.g. Digital Pentium II)
PC Speed (MHz): (e.g. 200 MHz)
Memory: (e.g. 64 Mb)
Operating System: (Select from list)
*Username: (e.g. JSMITH)
*Network Password: (e.g. 123456)

* Username and Network Password refer to those entered at the "Network Password for Microsoft Networking" prompt when you boot your PC.