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Applying for an Internship

Before applying, make sure that you meet the prerequisites for an internship. If you have any questions, contact the internship coordinator (see link at the bottom of the page).

Clicking on the button below will take you to the application page. The application itself is self-explanatory. There are places you can click to get more information about certain portions of the application and you can always click to go to the self-help center to check your courses, grades, and overall G.P.A.

The application process will probably take about half an hour, and you should plan to complete the process once you start.

Once your application is completed, you will be given an identification number, which you should save, and you can come back and check the status at any time.

After all your supporting documents have been submitted and approved, and assuming you meet the GPA requirements, your application will be approved and you can move ahead with the selection process. You will also be notified if there are any problems with your application.

Internship Application

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