So what's the big deal about using Kazaa and other P2P programs?

So I have a virus... what do I do now?
So I have a Virus ...
what do I do now?

There are several ways you can catch a computer virus on the University of Hartford campus network. Sometimes residents taqke their computers home and catch one there. When the computer is connected to the network on campus the virus can infect every computer on the network in minutes. Some files on the internet also contain hidden viruses that you can not see. As soon as the user opens the file, their computer (and sometimes everyone on the network) gets the virus. Residents on the network can get viruses through AOL Instant Messanger, pop up ads, and disks or CD's that have been in other peoples infected computers.

Yes, there are a multitude of ways you can get infected with a computer virus. Sadly, half of the time you will never even know you have one while it slows down you computer and sends your personal information to peopel on the other side of the country. Some viruses can be very harmful to your computer, and some can be as passive as making a pop up appear every time you visit a certain web site.

In either case, you probably have a virus. You can generally lump all viruses into two categories: harmful viruses and spyware. Spyware basically makes pop ups appear on your computer and send out statistics on what web pages you view to greedy companies. Spyware tends to slow down your computer and if you have enough , make your browser crash. It's downright annoying. How do you stop it? There are two easy ways.

If you ever see a pop up add with the option to select "yes" or "no", always click no unless it is from a TRUSTED company like Microsoft. If you ever clicked "yes" to one of these messages before, you probably have a significant amount of spyware on your computer. The second way to get rid of spyware from your computer is to use a program called Spy Sweeper. You can find a free trial of the program at its official site. JUst download the program and follow the steps.

Harmful viruses can pretty much do anything to your computer. The easiest way to find out if you have a very harmful virus on your system is when ITS shuts off your internet connection. :) If they have not shut off your internet yet, but you suspect there is a virus on your computer call ITS at extention 5999 and ask if you can bring your computer down to them (all you need to bring them is the tower). You can get a free corporate copy of Norton Antivirus; one of the sweetest antiviruses around. It updates itself and always runs on your computer so you never get a virus again. I highly suggest doing this even if you have a different antivirus on your system. The others just dont cut it, and this one is FREE!

The bottom line -- go get your free copy of Norton and get rid of all the viruses you probably have on your computer. Give Spy Sweeper a try, and if you think it is garbage get rid of it. DOnt freak out if your internet gets shut off ... just bring your computer down to ITS and they will path it up for you for FREE.


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