Ching Ching Hosier, licensed massage therapist, comes to bodywork by way of a rich career in dance, spanning nearly 20 years. She developed intuitive sensibilities as part of mothering her three children. Raised in Taiwan for the first half of her life, her innate eastern influences and sense of compassion are her signature. She is committed to assist people in the relief of cumulative stress and to the healing processes needed for trauma or repetitive motion injuries.
Ching blends together the ancient traditions of Chinese philosophy and movement with the scientific knowledge of Western medicine. She has developed her programs to reflect the importance of massage and exercise. She offers instruction in Stott Pilates, Living Dance (Qigong/Pilates/Yoga/Dance influence), Living Yoga, and Qigong to encourage circulation, flexibility, range of motion and the strength of being grounded. She incorporates the use of Massage Therapy (Orthopedic, Swedish, Deep Tissue and European Stone Massage), Acupressure and Energy Work to alleviate the collection of stress and to promote clearer thinking. All of her programs integrate a sense of self-awareness, self-healing and expression as a way to bridge together the health of mind, body and spirit.

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