Draw a Circle Humor based on history and international relations and stereotypes
Cups, Coin, Swords, and Sticks Magical Girls (and boys) with powers based on Tarot cards
Sucky Chibis Cute hand drawn slice of  life comics
The Fire Story Book Desert fantasy with genies and lost princes
Scorpion Lemonade Modern day fantasy with city magic and mysterious murders

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You want the powers of truth, love, and magic? Try CUPS, COINS, SWORDS, AND STICKS!Cups, Coins, Swords, and Staves
Draw a circleYou want to learn history facts in the dumbest way possible? Try DRAW A CIRCLE!
You want to see subway mages, magic graffiti, and vampires going clubbing? Try SCORPION LEMONADE!Scorpion Lemonade
genie lampYou want to see tales of daring, the solving of riddles, and learn about djinn? Try THE FIRE STORYBOOK!
You want cute, cuddly, poorly drawn feel good stories? Try SUCKY CHIBIS!pencil