CS 110


Required Materials:

Computer Concepts by Parsons/Oja-11th Edition
MS Office 2007: Projects by Cram

Course Objectives:

Understand the fundamental parts of a computer system.

Understand digital basics, Operating systems and file management.

Understand basic concepts of the Internet including the creation of a home page.

Understand basic concepts of networking including wired and wireless technologies.

Understand and use MS Windows with OS VISTA.

Create projects using Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007    

             Be able to use Blackboard as a communication tool.

Course Format is lecture/discussion/demonstration and hands on lab activities.

My office hours are before and after class in H319 and by appointment.

Student tutoring is available.

Course Policies:

All assignments, lab assignments and papers need to be submitted on time.  Work that is submitted one class late will be accepted, but marked down one full letter grade.  After that, late work will be not accepted.

Attendance is mandatory for all class meetings and activities.  Class participation as well as attendance will count in the Class/Lab participation part of your grade.

The University's network and various computer labs are available for computer work.

Cell phones and other modes of individual digital communication are not to be used during class.

All assignments need to be completed on the software products demonstrated in class.

Exams need to be taken on the date indicated on my web page.  Makeup exams will generally not be given.

Honesty and integrity is expected from all students.  Work that is not the student's will be given a grade of 0.

Final Grade Breakdown:

     3 Examinations                                                         30%
     Productivity Assignments                                        30%
     Home Page                                                               10%
     Class/Lab Participation                                           10%
     Final Exam                                                                20%